TechMamba reviewer Glenda reviews the Buckshot for the Nintendo Wii. While it might look really cool, the obvious design flaws start showing straight off. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on the youtube page as well! Enter the giveaway to win a blue Wii Remote with Wii Motion plus by subscribing to the channel and […]

GoPotatoTV released a funny fake XXXBox Live commercial, what would happen if Xbox Live or other gaming services offered sex chat along with their subscriptions?

Greg Peters posted on his netflix blog that gamers in the States can now recycle their Netflix discs because you can now rent movies without inserting the disc. Just download it from the Wii Shop channel or the PlayStation 3 Store. Canadian gamers already had the PlayStation 3 app, so they aren’t affected, however: If […]

Coming today to your iPhone, PlayStation 3, Wii (you’ll need to order a free disc from Netflix) and MAC/Windows PC today is Netflix Canada. You can even begin a free one-month trial and watch movies right now. The cost is an very low $7.99 a month to watch an unlimited amount of movies and TV […]

For the ultimate geek, we came across this Darth Vader Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar Holder. This stylish Darth Vader sensor bar holder is made out of high quality resin and costs a pretty penny at $49.99 USD and will be released this coming November. Truly this is for someone who loves Stars Wars so much […]