Microsoft and Nokia have decided to pool together and throw money at the Windows Phone community, and to a lesser extent Symbian and Series 40, to try and get things moving in app development. The Aalto University in Finland (the centre of the Nokia universe) will be hosting the AppCampus program including premises, coaching and […]

Fans of the Kinect whom want to do the whole Minority Report thing on a PC can now get hold of official hardware. No, not the Kinect, but the Kinect. For Windows.   Why the change in hardware? Because the Windows version has a “Near Mode” allowing it to work with actions just over a […]

Today sees the unveiling of the new Kinect-focused Xbox 360 Dashboard, allowing you to go all Minority Report on your TV. Without the gloves. And that’s cool and all, but that’s not the best part: The UK gets streaming movies. LOVEFiLM (Think Netflix but run by Amazon and European) have announced that their instant service will allow […]

Remember Photosynth? The Microsoft project that allowed you to have “3D-ish” views of events based on a massive amount of photographs taken at the same time? Well, some impressive bods have managed to do the same but on a smaller scale… This time, Microsoft researchers have come up with a version that actually extrapolates 3D […]

Good news all you users of Internet Explorer whom happen to have Windows 7 or Vista: IE9 is now out of beta and is freely downloadable at Beauty of the Web as well as other official Microsoft sources. Anyone else (Users of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, other browsers, Windows XP, earlier Windows versions and non-Windows users): Carry […]

Microsoft have announced that they have worked on a new mouse. The “Touch Mouse”. I can sense the lack of excitement already… It essentially does what a normal mouse does but with the added extra of gestures like flicking to scroll and other actions. No, it’s not a case of someone at Microsoft seeing an […]

As already posted over at Gametactics, Microsoft are upgrading the Xbox 360’s controllers by allowing you to transform the D-Pad from a disk to a more raised cross. The change happens with a simple twist, and apparently allows you for more defined 4 directional selection without accidentally selecting a diagonal direction unless you really want […]

Microsoft formally named the Xbox 360’s motion controller without the Wiimote, dubbing it the “Kinect”. I’m sure there’s a decent marketing reason for it, but it doesn’t spring to mind immediately. Anyway, Justin managed to get a “Behind The Scenes” video of it from E3 which he posted on sister/brother/cousin site High Points – It […]

Welcome to the third of the irregular series “Mamba Query”, where we ask you a question and we wait for people to come up with a decent response. This weekend’s question is: Windows 7 is just around the corner, and people are being asked by Microsoft to host launch parties to spread the word. Are […]

Question: How do you make Internet Explorer work better? Answer: According to Google, install a plugin called Google Chrome Frame that lets IE work like Chrome. Here, let this fine looking gentleman explain it for you… Just to clarify what Alex Russell is saying, you can install a plugin for Internet Explorer that, when a […]