Logitech have announced the UE Air Speaker, which is a docking speaker system for your iPhone/iPad. It works with AirPlay, works off WiFi and seems pretty simple to use. The important bits of this? £299 and the UE stands for Ultimate Ears. It had to mean something…   Full press release after the jump.

It has taken just 4 days, but Apple are now shouting that they will win the tablet war by saying they sold 3 million “The New iPad Not 3″s. That works out to be an average of 750,000 a day. 31,250 an hour. 520 a minute. 86 a second. That’s a lot of Retina displays, […]

The Pleasure Home (Be mature!) have announced that at the end of March they will release the iRemoteControl for the iPad. Basically, it’s a  copy, both visual and functional of the Sky, Virgin, Tivo, Apple TV remotes along with others that happens to be viewable and usable on the iPad and iPhone. Don’t facepalm, it’s […]

It’s been about a week since Apple raised and lowered the reality distortion field, and that got me wondering: How did it affect Twitter? Cue going to visual.ly and generating 2 hashtag infographics on two hashtags: #ipad and #ipad3 What I can see is that #ipad3 had far less mentions than #ipad, but that’s to be expected. […]

It’s only been a few days, and the accessories arms race has started. Waterfield Designs have announced the Muzetto Outback: A pretty cool looking bag that comes in a range of accent colours and five sizes, two of which designed specifically for the Apple iPad (They say “specifically for the new Apple iPad”, but I […]

At the same time as their “iPad 3 without the 3″ announcement, Apple talked about their new Apple TV. This time, their hockey puck of televisual goodness features a ton of stuff in 1080p, including iTunes movies and shows, Netflix and Vimeo. AirPlay Mirroring lets iPad or iPhone owners stream from their devices to the […]

Apple have, as expected, announced the successor to the iPad 2. The… er… iPad. Confusing sequential naming aside, the iPad (third generation version, not the original with the same name) boasts a Retina display, quad-core power from it’s A5X chip, 5 MP iSight camera for recording 1080p HD video, 4G connectivity, a 10 hour battery […]

Tomorrow Apple are announcing something. Apparently it’s a bit of a big deal. So much of a big deal that the internet is aflame with expectations that it’s an iPad 3 being released, but it could always be something else. Unlikely, but it could. Remember that it’s only been recently that Apple has been lax […]

Owners of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and it’s ilk can now celebrate world domination, as the 25 billionth app has been downloaded from the App Store. The app that triggered it was “Where’s My Water?” and Chunli Fu of China will get a $10,000 iTunes gift card for their troubles. What does this mean in […]

In a few days we are apparently going to have another iPad in the world… Of course, we don’t know exactly if there is one being released or what it’s specs will be as there’s not been an official announcement, but that hasn’t stopped the wild speculation online. Cue someone making a fantastic “What If…” […]