Today’s Budget Day in the UK, which means news report complaining about taxes on stuff and general commentary on how this will improve/destroy society. We don’t care too much about that, because buried inside the 707kb, 116 page document there’s something newsworthy to us techies. A few things at least. Firstly, game companies can enjoy […]

For one day only, usually popular internet haunts including  Wikipedia and Reddit are blocking their users from the site, to raise awareness of SOPA and PIPA. SOPA and PIPA are two bills currently going through the US Government which stand to protect copyright holders’ interests. you may think this is a good thing, but what […]

Filed under “Dude, WTF!?” is the curious case of the Belgian ISP called Telenet, whom decided to publish numbers of how much data they are pulling and pushing for their top users. The amount for one user? 2.7 Terabytes. Or 2680 GB to be exact. For fact loving number crunchers, that’s 571 DVDs (DVD-5 4.70GB Single sided, Single […]

The Canadian equivalent of the FCC has ruled today on net neutrality and the practice of throttling different types of data. In short, they seem to have made enemies on both sides of the camp: The ISP’s will be crying foul as they must notify users before they throttle them and that it must be […]

From the department of news-gathering labelled only as “Did this really need to be researched?” comes: Twitter is used for pointlessness… Yes, someone with way too much time on their hands (Pear Analytics) has found out that out of a random sample of 2000 Tweets, that 40% of them are classifiable as “Pointless Babble”. The […]

I’m sure you’ve seen yesterday’s post about Wolfram Alpha and it’s semi-uselessness compared to the current big dog on campus Google. I did query if I was throwing the wrong data at it. And it turns out to be true. Searching for “how many roads must a man walk down” actually comes up with a […]

Over the weekend, Wolfram Alpha was launched. And Google got worried. Let’s see if it needs to be worried with a little test of what they can do, and for no good reason at all, chuck Ask Jeeves into the mix too… Search Term: Malcolm Owen WA: Finds both Malcolm and Owen as names, comparing […]

I’m sure that everyone in the world has tried Google Maps and loved to zoom in on streets to see their car on their driveway. But what if you could do that to photographs? No, I’m not talking about normal photos of people posing. I mean of panoramas, such as of a group of skyscrapers. […]

As someone that really should be on the cutting edge of technology, it seems strange, but after a long and painful battle with my conscience, I have something to admit. It’s taken me a while, but I am now a user of Twitter. I know, I’m late to the party again, but hear me out. […]