Techmamba Reviewer Glenda takes on another Chinese Knock Off Gaming Console called the 16-bit Portable Motion Sensing Game Console by Microlab. This one is one long review, get out the popcorn if you dare watch us check out every single game on this console. You can get it here from Deal Extreme for $30 (was […]″

One of the longest reviews in Techmamba history. We really tried to edit it down, but with over 60 games in this NJ Pocket 60 in 1 portable game console…we ended up with a 55 minute review. Our poor tech reviewer Glenda tried out all 60 games so you didn’t have to! Be sure to […]

TechMamba Reviewer Glenda checks out a knock off Sega Genesis plug and play TV controller called the SD Card Slot E-Time 16 bit game player. Buy it from Deal Extreme for only $24 with two controllers: