TechMamba reviewer Glenda reviews the Buckshot for the Nintendo Wii. While it might look really cool, the obvious design flaws start showing straight off. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on the youtube page as well! Enter the giveaway to win a blue Wii Remote with Wii Motion plus by subscribing to the channel and […]

TechMamba reviewer Glenda checks out this knock off Wii called “The Zone Wireless Gaming System”. Enter to win The Zone by simply subscribing to our brand new Youtube channel and posting a comment on youtube as to why you want to win. You must be subscribed and have commented before December 31st 2010 at 11:59 […]

GoPotatoTV released a funny fake XXXBox Live commercial, what would happen if Xbox Live or other gaming services offered sex chat along with their subscriptions?

According to SPA magazine in Japan, Steve Jobs was stopped at an airport for carrying throwing stars as hand luggage. Oddly, this has pushed Apple to release a statement: Steve Jobs is not a ninja. Apple said so. Although this makes me somewhat upset that he doesn’t suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke, run […]

Those Rock Band 3 aficionados over at Gametactics have found a video showing how the keyboard controller works. You know, just in case the guitars and drums are annoying to play. Or you want to put those piano lessons your parents forced you to take because it would build character to good use for a change. No, […]

It’s now possible to get a 3D printer (as in making stuff not images in blue and red) for $1500 (Until their 50% discount runs out, but $3000 isn’t that bad either), thanks to PP3DP making the UP! available for sale. The UP! uses ABS plastic which costs a not insignificant $50/kg to print out […]

As already posted over at Gametactics, Microsoft are upgrading the Xbox 360’s controllers by allowing you to transform the D-Pad from a disk to a more raised cross. The change happens with a simple twist, and apparently allows you for more defined 4 directional selection without accidentally selecting a diagonal direction unless you really want […]

If you had your own giant robotic arm, a love for racing and way too much time and money on your hands, I’m sure you would do the same as the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. And by “The Same”, I mean “turn the robotic arm into the world’s most awesome arcade simulation of […]

While we normally don’t post random YouTube links on Gametactics and then copy them over to TechMamba, this one caught our eye which claims that you can get an old lady to give you one heck of an earful and then she instantly kills you. The video claims it is from the PlayStation 3 version […]

Google have decided to up the possible resolution of YouTube to 4K video (That’s 4096 x 2304 pixels, or 8 times larger than my desktop) to support future high resolution cameras and higher bandwidth internet connections that we will have in the year 2525… If you were to go to any of the videos on […]