Steve Mahan drove the Google Self-Driving Car. Steve also happens to be legally blind. Cue promotional video from Google showing him drive a car full of people by sitting behind the steering wheel whilst it turns and moves all on it’s own without any real direct input from him. “Pics or it didn’t happen”? How […]

Videos of people falling over in public will never be the same again, thanks to Google. YouTube now has a tool that, upon uploading a video, now offers to fix it if there’s an issue relating to camera shake or white balance along with other issues. They’ve even made a video explaining what they mean: […]″

One of the longest reviews in Techmamba history. We really tried to edit it down, but with over 60 games in this NJ Pocket 60 in 1 portable game console…we ended up with a 55 minute review. Our poor tech reviewer Glenda tried out all 60 games so you didn’t have to! Be sure to […]

If you are ever questioning the power of higher education, then go look at what the University of Pennsylvania are doing. They’re working with “Robot Quadrotors”, aka extremely fancy remote controlled helicopters, and were inspired to perform the James Bond theme with them. See? All you need is a load of guitar strings strategically stretched over a frame, a […]

In a few days we are apparently going to have another iPad in the world… Of course, we don’t know exactly if there is one being released or what it’s specs will be as there’s not been an official announcement, but that hasn’t stopped the wild speculation online. Cue someone making a fantastic “What If…” […]

Did you know you could get free over the air HD signals in most cities in North America? Why are you paying for HD when you can buy an indoor antenna and catch all your local stations for free. reviewer Glenda reviews a knock off HD antenna called the Antra Indoor HDTV Antenna. Enter […]

Ok, as you may know, in the United States it’s BLACK FRIDAY. Where there are insane deals from toilet paper to android tablets. Here are the best videos from Black Friday 2011 of what you missed or maybe you are even in the video? Video Game Mania at Walmart: More Video Game Mania at Walmart: […]

Glenda reviews the Handstand for iPad. This sturdy rotating case and desk stand is very practical, now you can walk around safely while using your iPad without dropping it! Don’t forget to enter the contest to win one for yourself! Enter by Subscribing to our Youtube Channel, Commenting about the Review and of course “Like” […]”

TechMamba Reviewer Glenda reviews a knock off DS called the “Dot Matrix 2.5″ LCD Game Console YD-965″ from Deal Extreme. Buy it from Deal Extreme for only $10.97 with free shipping. Don’t forget to enter the contest to win one yourself, all you have to do to win is to: 1) Subscribe to our Youtube […]

TechMamba Reviewer Glenda checks out a knock off Sega Genesis plug and play TV controller called the SD Card Slot E-Time 16 bit game player. Buy it from Deal Extreme for only $24 with two controllers: