imameUpdate Friday December 23rd: No surprise here. The app has been pulled.

Jim VanDeventer has somehow released iMame, a very popular MAME emulator onto the Apple iTunes App Store. If you don’t know what MAME is, it is an arcade machine emulator with thousands of arcade games you can play on it. iMame Supports the iCade arcade cabinet and even the iControlPad.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. The reason we are telling you to download this RIGHT NOW is emulators don’t usually survive long on the iTunes store as downloading games to play for free isn’t legal unless you actually own the game.

How do you load roms into iMame? There is a hidden way of adding ANY ROM to this iMame, making it a target for removal any second off the iTunes App store. Download iPhone Explorer free for your Windows PC from and then browse to your iTunes connected iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to copy roms into this folder: /Apps/iMame/documents/ . Don’t forget to click OPTIONS to rescan for the new roms you just copied over. In tests, Mame rom version 0.375b works the best, for a list of compatible games from this rom set, click here.

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