In what could be described as a collection of corporate entities attempting to have their cake and eat it, newspapers from Belgium are complaining about being delisted from Google.
Under normal instances, this would signal the death of a website, but in the case of  Copiepresse (the organization dealing with copyright management for the papers) they actually asked for it.

Back in 2006, they filed a lawsuit against Google because they didn’t want to be linked to in Google News. They won, and so Google have no choice but to act on the judge’s command. The interpretation of the command differs depending on whom you talk to.
If you’re Google, you believe that the ruling forces you to remove all links to the newspapers on the main search as well as Google News.
If you’re a Belgian newspaper, then you believe it only removes you from the news page but keeps your main search listings active.

Although the question about which interpretation is correct is a valid one, especially to all companies involved, I’d rather find out how much traffic the newspapers have lost since the “Google Purge”…

[Associated Press via Slashdot]

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