Techmamba Reviewer Glenda takes on another Chinese Knock Off Gaming Console called the 16-bit Portable Motion Sensing Game Console by Microlab. This one is one long review, get out the popcorn if you dare watch us check out every single game on this console.

You can get it here from Deal Extreme for $30 (was $14 when we shot this video).

Our tech reviewer Glenda reviews the Vileda Virobi Robot Sweeper. A very inexpensive robot sweeper from Vileda that is currently for sale in Canada ($40) and some European countries.

Techmamba reviewer Glenda checks out the the AX-688 Angry Birds Plants vs Zombies LCD portable game console for your enjoyment, or not so enjoyment judging from how bad this knock off is.

TechMamba reviewer Glenda reviews the DealExtreme SKU 72215 or also known as the “Unique Telephone Landline with 3.5MM Audio Jack iPhone” stand. A unique product where you have a handset and stand for your iPhone. No radiation to your head, has an answer button on the handset and even has room for a charger.

You can buy it here from DealExtreme for $20.50 with free shipping:

To enter to win, simply head over to YouTube: 1) Become a subscriber of our channel 2) Comment about the video 3) Like the video before May 23rd 2012.

After over 3 years, I’m leaving TechMamba to blog full-time over at Electronista. It’s a big change for me and forces me to stop posting here.

It’s been swell.

Justin Lee will continue to maintain the site, moving more towards video content in the future.

Thank you for your time. Goodbye.

It’s not often that I get something sent for review which I’ve never considered using before. Receiving an electric cigarette starter pack from Electric Zebra was a bit of a surprise, with one minor issue: I don’t smoke. How do you solve a problem like that? Simple: Find a smoker…

Razer are going to make a Left Handed Naga mouse after their Facebook page flooded with fans.

CEO Min-Liang Tan said that if his post on Facebook was liked 10,000 times before April 21st, they’d make a left handed version of their right handed peripheral. That goal was met on March 29th.

This means the Naga now joins Razor’s DeathAdder as their second “professional grade” designed for lefties. That is, if you ignore the mice designed to be ambidextrous, such as the original BoomSlang.

Specs and the full press release follow.

I know it’s still April Fools’ today, but this is real. An elephant called Peter (me neither) was filmed playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Bet he’d be useless at Draw Something…

Creative have released the Creative Live! Cam Connect HD, a webcam that has passed Skype certification for video calls at 720p HD video at up to 30 frames per second.

Going for the fairly reasonable $99, it features a microphone with noise cancellation, an 8MP resolution camera and an auto focus liquid crystal lens.

That last point allows for the camera to focus silently so it doesn’t get picked up on the mic. It even has built-in H.264 hardware video processing so the computer doesn’t have to deal with it.

Full press release and more product shots after the jump.

As is customary on today’s date (the first of April, aka April Fools’ Day), Google has spent a considerable amount of time devising “announcements” for the greater internet to enjoy. Given their previous form, they needed to go big or go home. And go big they did:

The main prank is their “Quests” addition to Google Maps, which textures the resulting cartography with old-time 8-Bit graphics. That’s not all, they’ve also spent time making the Street View fit the theme. Probably the most impressive gag of the day, but that’s not all…