TomTom LogoEveryone remembers the name TomTom GPS, if you didn’t own a TomTom GPS for your car…you definitely knew someone who did. TomTom released an Android GPS app last year for Android, it worked fairly well but didn’t support HD screens and there were some crashing issues. This new version is called TomTom Go Mobile, TomTom has started from scratch and created a new Android app called TomTom GO Mobile in Canada and the United States (with other countries following soon), does it live up to the TomTom name of yesteryear? Read on and find out…

Techmamba reviewer Glenda reviews another flexable power surge protector, this time it’s called the Flexigon. Sold on QVC and Amazon for around $30 by Globe Electric.

We review the Pivot Power Surge Protector by Quirky. This solve the common problem of large power adapters blocking two outlets by pivoting! No more trying to jam your fat power adapters into a regular surge protector.

Special host Justin Lee heads out get a hands on look at the new Parrot Mini Drone’s coming out in August 2014. We gets a hands on demo of the Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider and the Jumping Sumo.

When Newer Technology claimed to have a case (NuGuard KX) and screen protector (NuGuard KXs) that can protect your iPhone from drops and direct hammer impacts. You know we had to test this claim, so we did! Watch as we take a hammer to a poor iPhone and see if it survives.

Techmamba Reviewer Glenda reviews the latest product from Fido Canada, the Fido Home Phone service. Ditch your land line and get a “Home Phone” that runs off the Fido cellular network. AT&T has uses the exact same ZTE device and is called the AT&T Wireless Home Phone Service.

Techmamba Reviewer Glenda takes on another Chinese Knock Off Gaming Console called the 16-bit Portable Motion Sensing Game Console by Microlab. This one is one long review, get out the popcorn if you dare watch us check out every single game on this console.

You can get it here from Deal Extreme for $30 (was $14 when we shot this video).

Our tech reviewer Glenda reviews the Vileda Virobi Robot Sweeper. A very inexpensive robot sweeper from Vileda that is currently for sale in Canada ($40) and some European countries.

Techmamba reviewer Glenda checks out the the AX-688 Angry Birds Plants vs Zombies LCD portable game console for your enjoyment, or not so enjoyment judging from how bad this knock off is.

TechMamba reviewer Glenda reviews the DealExtreme SKU 72215 or also known as the “Unique Telephone Landline with 3.5MM Audio Jack iPhone” stand. A unique product where you have a handset and stand for your iPhone. No radiation to your head, has an answer button on the handset and even has room for a charger.

You can buy it here from DealExtreme for $20.50 with free shipping:

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